• 1

    Finding and Fostering New Artists

    Programs to foster artists with personalities and abilities through systematic management and training systems
  • 2

    Artist Management

    Supporting the best management, overall, for activities of artists
  • 3

    Planning and Marketing for Artists

    Online/physical distribution for tracks and albums; planning for MD products and progression of global promotions
  • 4

    Planning and Production for Albums

    Establishing systems to produce high-quality albums based on the know-hows of WM Entertainment and the human infrastructure
  • 5

    Planning and Production for Concerts

    Planning and production for quality performances for domestic and overseas fans in cooperation with artists in the company and various staff
  • 6

    WORLD Promotion

    Preparing multilateral ways with many promotions including interacting with overseas artists and progressing licenses
  • 7

    Content Production

    Artist Content Planning/Production & Production of MD-related content